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Friday, March 16, 2012

ways to repair clothes,and get spots out,I would not try this on delicate vintage clothes,unless you ran out of options

BROKEN ZIPPERS – A seamstress or dry cleaner will replace a zipper for about $5 to $12 depending on the type of zipper, length, and garment.

INKERS-INK – When an item has tried to be stolen from a department store the security tag will burst.  But we at ½ of ½ know how to clean that nasty spot.  Blue, Red, and Purple ink can be removed by blotting the spot with rubbing alcohol.  This begins to break up and soak up the ink.  Let sit for an hour or so, and then use an old toothbrush and hairspray to scrub.  We have also found that HAND GOOP located in the automotive departments works great.  Another item to try is SHOUT.  Just follow the directions on the packages.  After you use the hairspray be sure to run it under cold water every once in a while to remove excess ink.  It may not all come out at once.  Let dry and begin again.  Yellow ink will not fully be removed.

RUST & MILDEW – X-14, MEAN GREEN, and a many number of bathroom cleaners, will remove these spots.  Be sure to do a small test spot, some products contain bleach.  Spray on spot, let soak, wash out.

GREASE – DAWN dish soap takes grease right out.

SLITS, RIPS, HOLES – Anything on a seam can be sewn by hand, machine, or seamstress.  Also you can use Wonder Under, Fabric Tape, and Iron On Patches for those trick spots.  Just follow directions on packages.  A Seamstress can work wonders, but charge a fee.

COLOR FADED – RIT DYE follow package directions.

COLORS RAN – New BIZ with color safe bleach will fix that.  Just soak overnight and follow directions on side of box.  You can also soak it in SHOUT.

SAMPLE STAMP – Blot with rubbing alcohol and cotton balls.

Dollar General STAIN STICK also works on MANY stains.

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