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Friday, August 5, 2011

MOVING TIPS from apartment threapy site

1) Don’t wait last minute Though this isn’t always avoidable due to how darn complicated moving can be, try to ask friends as far ahead in advance as you can.
2) Do you really need that? As tempting as it may be to throw everything you own in boxes and then toss in a moving truck, now’s the PERFECT time to start weeding out what you do and don’t need for your new place. Your friends’ backs will thank you later.
3) Be an organized packer Do it right the first time and things will go smoothly later. Organize boxes by room, clearly label things, don’t put all heavy things in one box, etc.
4) Have a clearly marked plan You know where everything is going to go because it’s your stuff; don’t expect your friends to be able to read minds. Before the stuff ever leaves the truck, go over where the big items are going to go in the actual space (if you’re feeling REALLY ambitious, think about writing down the names of your furniture on pieces of paper and laying them down on the ground where they go to help make things move quickly).
5) Give a walk through Walk the friends around the new place and show them what each room is and tell them which box label will apply.
6) Have lots of cold drinks, tasty snacks and hearty thank you’s ready Self explanatory.

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